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We women like to complain, er I mean "discuss our problems," about the world.  Generally speaking, I have preferred not to air my grievances online.  I like to keep my problems private.  I also realize that this whole blog is likely to draw some attention from flamers and offended people alike.  That being the case, go ahead and post a comment.  I don't care.  (Yes, jaklumen, I really do mean it.)  So, here's the list.

1.  Women who complain that the man won't put the toilet seat down for them when they won't put it up for him.  What?  Don't you have hands?  If you don't have the sense to feel around in the dark and check if the seat is up or down, maybe you deserve to fall into the toilet.

2.  Women who insist on going around in revealing clothing, and then complain about the men who stare at their breasts.  Come on, people!  If you want them to look at your face, then cover the breasts, otherwise be prepared to field stares to your chest areas.

3.  Women who read sexy romance novels and look at scantily clad women and refer to this as "Beauty" and "Art" and then complain about the men and their pictures and call that "porn".  I always thought that, generally speaking, if it makes you horny, it's porn.  It doesn't matter if it's written or if the girl is half clothed.  There are guys who masturbate to the department store underwear ads.  Don't talk to me about art or "erotica."  That is porn.  Plain and simple.

4.  Women who go off on men for being insensitive and inconsiderate and then neglect the possibility that their men may also have tender feelings by talking about him behind his back and spending all his hard-earned cash.

5.  Women who tell jokes about other things being "better than men" and then get offended when some man comes along and does the same about women.

Now, I'm not claiming, on any terms, to be perfect.  Far from it.  I have often shouted at my husband over some misperceived slight.  Seriously, though, ladies, you're giving us all a bad name.  Talk about a double standard!  It's not right and it's not fair.  If we want men to treat us with respect, then we'd better find a way to treat him with respect, too. 

I'm not done with this rant.  I know more will come and I'll post it all here as soon as I think of it.  Feel free to post your frustration with me or your outright rage at me.  I don't care at all.  I want to hear it.  This blog entry is viewable and comment-able by everyone.