"Did you have a favorite subject in school?  One you dreaded?"

Who didn't?  My favorite subject in school was Spanish.  Running a close second was English.  I liked Spanish class because my Spanish teacher found fun ways to teach the class.  Often, on Fridays, he would host a "Bingo Night" and we would make up a card with various words on it that we had learned the previous week.  Then, if we got bingo, we'd come up to the front of the class and say "Da me dulces"  Which is Spanish for "Give me candy" and we'd be rewarded with our prize.

My least favorite class was Algebra.  Urgh!  The teacher of that class was, if you believe it, one of the sports coaches. His shoulders were so big he looked like his head would pop if he shrugged good and hard.  Although he did his best to teach us, he was very boring.  His face never changed during the course of the lesson and I ended up retaking the class in college from a more animated and fun teacher.  Strangely enough, what started out as a high school C turned into a college A.