I want to tell you all that I've been a slob for a very long time.  My parents use to threaten to clean my room with the garden rake and the kind of garbage can liners people use to bag their autumn leaves.  I brought this into my relationship with jaklumen who, poor sap, was raised by a couple of clean freaks (well, they are when compared with me).  

Until recently, I've been doing my usual coping thing of ignore the world and disappear into the computer.  Yeah.  As a mom, that's really going to work.  Poor jaklumen was at his wit's end.  He needs our home to be clean (though not necessarily spotlessly as he's also an avowed slob), so that he can think clearly and, of course, so he doesn't break his neck trying to reach the kitchen.  Generally speaking, if he wanted something done, he really had to push hard and get me angry.  It was the only way to get the work done and, what with his back problems, it's unlikely that much of it would be doable by him.  What's more, my kids were getting to the point where much of their wardrobe was in the laundry sorter.  Not good.  We even had CPS called on us because of this kind of behavior.  Definitely not good.

So then fast forward to this past Sunday evening.  Jaklumen and I had just had another altercation and he'd said something that struck home.  Don't ask me what it was.  I can't remember and, even if I could, I'm not sure I would want it written on the internet (no, not a swear word).  I sat Jaklumen down and promised him, just for Monday, that I would concentrate on the housework and save the computer for after both the kids were in bed.  What I want to do is to go for 21 days in succession, which is the minimum number of days needed to change behavior.  Thus far, this has worked very well.  I hope it continues to work.