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I'm sorry I didn't get on and tell you about how the housework went yesterday.  I'm afraid I was pretty tired after working the day before.  I expect to have another of those kinds of nights, but less strenuous, one hopes.


Pardon the interruption.  I just had to spend an hour and a half in clearing my daughter's floor.  I still respected much of her privacy.  I didn't take things from shelves or her toybox, I just picked everything up off the floor.  I was tempted to just rake everything up and put it all into plastic bags, like my dad use to threaten to do to me, but I used restraint.

Regarding yesterday, I did get the refrigerator clean, but I also worked myself into the ground so I didn't get anything else done that day.  I also managed to clear the top of my desk, a job that took most of the afternoon.  I clonked out right around nine and slept through until noon 😦  Anyway, the regular household chores still need doing.  If I act fast, I ought to be able to finish them in an hour.  Then I still need to clear the floor of my own room.  Hopefully, that won't take altogether too much time.  I'd like to have it done before I go to bed.  My husband, sweetie that he is, has said that he won't allow me to pull another all-nighter, though, because I am grouchy and hard to live with when I'm tired.

On a side note, I had strange dreams during my nap this morning involving my wedding ring and long hallways leading to I don't really remember where.

I'll try to write again tomorrow and let you know how the inspection seemed to go.