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Well, you'll all be pleased to know that I finally seem to have gotten my act together and am making progress, slowly but surely, in the area of the housework, though I'll admit I had to hide my lappy from myself in order to do it.  I'm nearly done with the laundry, the dishes are mostly done, and my daughter's room looks much better.  I anticipate working on the refrigerator tonight after my kids are both in bed and I may make a little headway on clearing my desk before I hit the sheets as well.  Following my husband's suggestion to just put things away rather than fill up boxes and then place them hopefully someplace like the contents might somehow put themselves away is working really well. 

My daughter has accepted the responsibility of a personal wastebasket, (somewhat unwillingly I'll admit, but still) and I'm pleased to say that placing reminders into my PDA to help her get her chores done is working out very nicely.  She actually earned her sticker for completed daily chores today.  I was well pleased.

Anyway, back to the subject of housework.  I anticipate finishing a number of projects before Thursday morning, when our annual housing inspection takes place.  Here's the list.

  • Clear and organize my desk
  • Clear the little end table we keep the newspapers in and put the things on it where they belong
  • Clean the fridge
  • Clean my room
  • Clean my kids' room (if necessary).

My biggest hope at the moment is that I'll be able to maintain this cleanliness indefinitely as the best message of love I could give to my family.

There will likely be another entry under this title tomorrow, so stay tuned.