"Did it snow much when you were a child – tell something about it, what did you do?"

When I was a child, we had snow almost every winter, sometimes up to two or three feet of snow and sometimes as little as a quarter of an inch or so.  Whenever it snowed, me and my brothers would rush to the coat closet and throw on all our snow duds (coat, boots, hat, mittens, scarf) and go out and build.  With my brothers, it usually meant snow forts and, following that, snow fights.  One time, though, we tried to build a snow couple; a snow man and a snow woman.  The snow woman fell apart before we could get her completely built.  Another time, we had so much snow, we tried to make an igloo.  Of course, our fingers froze before we finished it and, the next day, all the snow had turned into ice.  The day after that, we had a thaw and so, what little we'd accomplished was destroyed.

I think the best part, by far, about playing in the snow, though, is being able to come inside for a nice, hot cup of cocoa afterwards.  Sometimes, as a special treat, my mom would float marshmallows in it, either a handful of the mini ones or one of the regular-sized ones.  We'd sit around the dining table with red noses and red fingers just huddled over our mugs of cocoa, like we were trying to drag the smallest amount of warmth from it, and just sip it.

I miss that.