This is a post about my son.  He's a beautiful boy and, since he's two, he's beginning to speak more clearly.  Here's a list of some of the things he's begun to say along with translations into English.

  • "Wa wah-yer?"  I want water.
  • "Aye laf a-fa-thah!"  I love applesauce!
  • "Ah-sye-dow"  Upside down.
  • "Bah  bye bye" Good bye.
  • "Nah nite. Nah nite (makes snoring noise)."  You are/ I am tired.
  • "Mowk"  milk
  • "Sirstee"  Thirsty
  • "Huh-ree"  Hungry
  • "Issa cat. meow meow"  It's a cat.  Cats say "meow."
  • "Say-ba-day!"  Save the day! (a line from the TV show "Super Why and the Super Readers.
  • "Bah see gwa-mah."  Back seat drivin' with Gramma! (a line he's heard from the TV show "Sid the Science Kid."
  • "Poopy?"  I have poopy pants.
  • "Yeah!" or "Yeth"  yes.
  • "No! No! No!" I don't want that!
  • "Issa pay-poo"  It's a paper!
  • "Mah-ser. Koo-key!  Nahm nahm nahm!"  I'm pretending to be Cookie Monster!
  • "Kwi-koh kwi-kow willow thstar…"  Twinkle twinkle little star.
  • "Ippy bippy pie-doo"  Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • "Pah cake"  Patty Cake
  • "Fank-you fank-you"  Thank you
  • "Wikkom" You're welcome
  • "Coo me"  Exuse me
  • "Grik"  Drink
  • "No" (pointing) nose
  • "Thin" Chin
  • "theek" cheek
  • "her" hair
  • "er" ear
  • "Tee" teeth
  • "Tongue"  tongue
  • "Issa heh-vee" This is heavy.
  • "Ah-poh" Apple
  • "Orzh" Orange
  • "a Na-na" banana
  • "Ass Eh-moh wer" That's Elmo's World.  (Sesame street Addict)
  • "Eh-moh laf you."  Elmo loves you. (see above)
  • "Huh?  Huh?  Wer see go?"  Where did she/he/it go?
  • "Peep boo!" Peek a boo!
  • "Wah wah you?"  Where are you?
  • "Dorzh" George (as in Curious)
  • "Siu!"  shoe
  • "Deh yar!" There you are!
  • "Deh diz!" There it is!
  • "Wow!  Wookit dat!"  Wow!  Look at that!

This is all of them that I can think of right off hand.  He is a very chatty boy and loves to talk, even if it's only to babble.  He can also count to ten and recite most of the alphabet without help.  Best of all, he loves to sing and adores swimming.  Whenever we go to the Court Club to go swimming, he always gets so excited, I just can't help but laugh.