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We finally had our new Sleep Number (c) Mattress delivered from Select Comfort.  A pair of fire fighters came by and set it up for us and everything.  Then, after it was all set up, our old mattress and boxspring hauled out, and we each had our individual firmness set, I had about an hour's nap in it.  Normally, for me, a nap means sleep for more than an hour.  However, HRH woke up early from his nap this afternoon, so I more or less had to get up.  When I did, though, I felt so well-rested.  I'll tell you, it's amazing what a single hour of restful, comfortable sleep will do for you.  I can't wait to see what kind of change is worked from a full night's sleep.  I also never really realized just how tired I was and how hard our previous bed was making sleep for me.  

Anyway, the model we picked was the P5 with the deluxe features like massage and adjustable foundation, etc.  For those living in my area, there's a Select Comfort showroom in the Columbia Center Mall here in Kennewick, if you're interested in trying one for yourself.  It's true that they're expensive, the price for ours was in the thousands of dollars, but, for a good sleep like that, I'd say that it's well worth it.  Not to mention that, if it helps my husband's back, then it'll pay for itself within a few years of us owning it.

Now, I know this is just a first blush opinion and many of you will be skeptical so I promise I'll include an update tomorrow on how well I sleep tonight.

Update:  Two successful and restful night's sleep later, I can comfortably say "I LOVE MY NEW BED!!"