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We've been having some trouble with my daughter's attitude lately.  Her teachers brought it to my full attention at our last parent-teacher conference.  Academically, she was doing wonderful.  Socially, she stunk.  So her teacher has begun sending home a behavior chart listing the three areas where she needs the most work.  The chart scores her behavior from 1 (never) to 5 (always).  They also suggested therapy might be needed, but I'm hoping we can get past the problem without it.  My husband and I are admittedly very nervous about our daughter getting too close to "unnecessarily overmedicated."  So we're understandably leery about taking her for a psych evaluation for fear they'll just throw a prescription at her.  We've been taking steps at home, mostly involving prayer and additional training.  I put a glass jar and some clear marbles on the book case and, when she's polite, she gets another marble.  A good report from school also earns a marble.  A full jar will get her dinner out.


Today, she brought home three 4's (most of the time).   I was so excited I picked her up and danced around with her.  I yelled and shouted.  I feel so euphoric; like I could do back handsprings without any training at all.

Anyway, since she's doing so well today, I thought I would publish it in my blog for all the world to see!