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I feel exhilerated!  I finally completed the last phase of organizing my desk: the filing.  I dug all of the papers and such out of all the drawers, plus the two or three boxes worth that were sitting on my desk, and sorted them all into cardboard boxes.  Once everything was sorted, I took a set of manila folders and pendaflex folders and began grouping them up and labeling them.  Even our large stash of magazines now hang in pendaflex folders in the filing cabinet, rather than sitting on my desk taking up space and gathering dust.  I wish I could show you pictures, but I don't have any right now.  Suffice it to say, though, that it feels good to be able to say that, if someone needs a certain document, I probably know where to look for it.  That also means that any items, such as leftover folders, printer paper, etc, are also hanging in pendaflex folders (I had the room for it), so that I no longer have to dig into a drawer for the supplies I need…well, at least not those ones, anyway.  Then, just for kicks, I put my clipboard with my puzzlebook attached to it, into my filing cabinet, too.  Now, I know right where it is!  There's even space in a drawer of my desk to stash my lappy in, so I can put the thing away and do a picture puzzle or some artwork or whatever else I want to do.  I also have this enormous sense of accomplishment.  But for some support from people like the Lord and my husband, I did the work by myself.

(blush) Pardon me if it seems like I'm bragging.  I just really feel good about this.  It's something I've been meaning to do for a while now and just never felt like it until last night.

Anyway, all that's left is to take the outdated or otherwise useless documents out for shredding.