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"Who is your favorite teacher?  Why?  Can you remember and tell about a special teacher?"

My favorite teacher has always been my first grade teacher, Mrs. Hays.  Which is strange, because I don't remember much about her at all.  I remember my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Slate, and how she taught us to use chopsticks.  I remember my second grade teacher, Mrs. Salisbury, and how she took us to Randall Park to plant a tree that still stands there and has a plaque near it.

What was special about Mrs. Hays.  She was gentle, sweet and kind.  She was so pretty.  She had the most beautiful smile.  I wanted to grow up and be just like her.

Thinking back, though, I guess the most special teacher in my life has to have been my father.  I learned from him about what makes kites fly and what makes a good model rocket.  I learned about electricity and heat and how they change things.  He wasn't always patient with me and I was a regular handful (still am).   After certain things happened when I was ten, I really began to give my dad headaches.  Things fell out, when I was about fifteen years old, though, that ended with me attending to the exact same high school where my father taught applied sciences.  For four years, I got up early to drive about ten or fifteen miles or so to school with my dad in his beat up old VW bug and for four years we talked together all the way home after school.  There were a lot of things I wasn't able to do as a result of going to and from school with my dad, but I wouldn't give those years up for anything, because, of all the things my father taught me, I think the most important one was that he loved me and could be a good friend if I would only let him.

So, thinking back, I guess my favorite teacher has to have been my dad.