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As most of you already know, I have a six-year-old daughter who, for the purposes of the internet, I call Princess.  Lately, her favorite phrase has been, "Mom, I'm bored."  That's second only to, "Mom, I'm hungry." 

My husband and I drive a Honda Civic which has a nice pocket on the back of the front passenger-side seat.  Up 'til today, My daughter has been riding in the driver-side back seat and my son has been on the passenger-side back seat.  Today, following a discussion with my husband, I switched their booster seats around, so that my daughter could have access to that pocket.  I'm mainly thinking about our yearly trip "over the river and through the woods" to visit my parents for Thanksgiving, which is an hour and fifteen minute drive one-way, and I want to be certain that she has enough to keep her mind occupied.  Some of the things I got for her didn't fit into that pocket, though, so we got a canvas book bag out of the trunk and put her left over things in there.  Then we put the bag down on the floor of the car with the handles tucked under princess' booster seat so it would always be within easy reach.  Anyway, here's a list of the things that I got for her.

  • 2 magazines: Disney Princess Magazine and Highlights.
  • 1 Disney Princess Activity Book
  • 1 Pad of paper for writing letters to her nannas, both of whom like to get her letters.
  • 1 box of colored envelopes to go with the pad
  • 1 pretty ballpoint pen to go with the pad
  • 1 Disney Princess Magnetic paperdoll kit
  • Crayons
  • Washable Markers

And a bunch of other things I can't really remember right now. I told princess that I would change out the magazines every two months or so, so that she doesn't get bored with them.

So, anyway, Questions?  Comments?