Today, I feel really good about myself because I actually got all the chores done, plus I was able to complete half of a major project on my list of things that need doing, namely the organization of my closet.  First I cleared the floor of the closet.  Then I went through all my clothing and took out everything that no longer fit me, with the exception of a few items.  Then after a little thought, I rearranged the suitcases that sit in our closet to make more room for my husband's clothing.  Then I reorganized them by size, smallest to largest with the smaller things in the back of the closet and the larger things up front where they could be easily reached.  I didn't take out anything of my husband's.  I reckon that's his job.  All the same, I ended up with a real load of hangers.  I may go back through later and rehang everything so that it all faces in the same direction, but that job doesn't really have a high priority factor so the possibility of it happening any time soon is somewhere between slim and none.  Even though I still have to go through again and neaten up the top shelf so that it doesn't look like storage threw up in it, I really feel good about that closet.  In fact, I'd almost have to say that it's neat enough now that I wouldn't mind too awfully much if my daughter decided to hide there during a game of hide-and-seek.  The other half of the job will have to wait until another time, though, because I plan to clean the fridge tomorrow.  I don't know about you, but I like a nice clean fridge.  I just don't really like having to clean it, ya know? 😉

Anyway, the reason all of this is getting done isn't because I suddenly became a super-organized person/neat freak overnight.  In fact, I'm still the wonderful slob you all have come to know and love.  I've been keeping a diary of sorts and writing in it for each chore I complete.  I call it my "Done it" list.  "To do" lists never seem to work for me, mainly because I spend more of my time making the lists than I do completing them and if any chores are left on a list I tend to feel rather depressed and frustrated.

This way, though, I can look at my list and feel productive.  I can say, "I did this and this and this and that and that's why I feel so tired."

Speaking of tired.  I should probably make my way to bed soon.  Goodnight.