You've probably read this in my blog once before and this is not likely to be the last time you read it either.


I think I say that at least once every time I'm sick.  I know it's juvenile and probably not at all funny but, here's my top ten reasons why I hate being sick.

10.  My throat almost always feels like the National Guard is drilling in their socks
9.  My body usually feels like I've gone a few rounds against Hulk Hogan without the benefit of padding.
8.  My appetite takes a wonderful little vacation without telling me where it's going.
7.  I get to eat such perennial favorites as chicken soup and chicken broth and drink lots of water and orange juice and water and water and more water.
6.  My energy level drops so far down that it might as well be in the basement, if we had one.
5.  I usually end up camping out in the bathroom shower.
4.  My nose decides that it doesn't have enough "stuff."
3.  Because of numbers one and four, I tend to cough a lot.
2.  Due to number three, I have serious difficulty sleeping.

and the number one reason I hate to be sick.  Hmm.  Oh, wait, I remember.
1.  Moms don't get sick days.