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"Tell about your favorite aunt or uncle.  Were you close?  What do you remember most?"

I had two favorite uncles, both, in one way or another, named Al. There was my Dad's younger brother Allen and my Mom's older brother Albert.

Uncle Allen, my Dad's only brother, was a favorite mainly for his sense of humor.  I remember, whenever he'd come and visit, he would usually do one of two things that we kids often found uproariously funny.  Either he would purposely miss-guess our ages or he would put his hand on our heads and then lift it high over his in exaggerated estimation of how much we'd grown.  We always thought it was funny how he never seemed to know how tall or old we were.  Then, of course, when we would smilingly correct him, he would laugh good-naturedly and then we would hug.  He had a big house with a huge orchard behind it way out in one of the suburban towns from where we lived.  He and my aunt have since moved away and it's been a long time since I've seen him.  As for close, well, I'd say we were close enough.  He was fun to be around, anyway.  I should really get his address and write to him and my Aunt Mary.  It's been forever since I spoke to them.

Uncle Al, as we called my Mom's brother, was a favorite just for the way he seemed to care about us.  In fact, if I had to pick a favorite, he would probably be it.  He was much like my grandfather in that he always spoke to us as if we were real people and as if our thoughts and opinions were important.  His hugs were always good.  He was married to my Aunt Barbara late in his life so, I got to help out at his wedding.  Old as I was, they put me in charge of making sure everyone signed the wedding book.  They live in my home town now, not really very far from where my parents live.  I should probably write to them, too.  I haven't heard much from them either.

Hmm.  All this rumination is making me want to write letters.  Where's my stationary kit?