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"What do family members do that makes you happy?  Describe a happy moment."

This is likely to be long and involved, so, if you're reading this, please bear with me as I will want to take each family member one at a time…without naming any names, of course.

Let's begin with my husband.  My husband…loves me.  He loves me unequivocally.  Without let or reservation.  He comforts me when I'm feeling sad or insecure.  He steps up in my defense if I need defending.  He makes me feel safe, and there aren't many men at all that do that.  In fact, he may well be the only one.  Once, I was feeling particularly depressed and just walked up and put my arms around him.  He was busy fixing himself some ramen, but he didn't say anything.  He just put his arms around me and held me until I was ready to let go again.

My daughter.  She's so special.  I love to watch her learning about the world around her.  Sometimes, just out of the blue, she'll walk up to me and throw her arms around my waist and say, "I love you, Mama.  You're the best!"  That never fails to make me happy.  It's true that sometimes our opinions clash, but she'll always be my special girl.

My son, still very young, is very amusing.  It's fun to watch him explore the house and find out about the things here.  I love to listen to him babble.  However, like his sister, sometimes I'll pick him up and he'll throw his little arms around my head and squeeze.  I love that.

I'm not going to mention any of my siblings, though not because they don't make me happy.  I just haven't seen or talked to them in such a long time that it's hard to really remember what they do that makes me happy.  I won't be speaking about my in-laws, either.  I just don't know them well enough.

My mother is a wonderful woman.  I learned how to be a mother from watching her.  She is always gentle and thoughtful and, when I was growing up, I knew that I could come to her with any problem and she would always listen, even if she didn't have the answer I needed.  She's still like that today.  Some days, when I just need to talk, I'll call her up and tell her my troubles and she never fails to make me feel better.

Finally, last but most certainly not least, my father is the man who helped me understand what I should expect from the man who would be my husband.  That's what Daddies do for a girl, you know.  I love my Daddy.  Any time I don't understand something, from science to psychology to politics, I always call him.  Whenever I call him, I always learn something new. 

In general, however, my family makes me happy because they love me without trying to change or improve me.  They love me for who I am now and for who I was in the past and for who I may eventually become, whoever that person may be.