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This morning, I got up and was taking my shower, preparatory to getting my daughter up for school, and I happened to remember something my everlovin' hubby once said to someone I can't remember right at the moment.  Anyway, they were talking about our financial situation and things of that nature and my husband said, "[Cimmy] is very proud.  She really didn't want to sign up for financial assistance."  At the time, I dismissed this comment.  "I'm not proud," I thought, "After all, here we are on financial assistance."

This morning, though, the comment resurfaced in my brain and, rather than justify myself, I thought, "Am I proud?"  After much thought, I've concluded that I am proud.  There are certain things that I'd rather not do, unless I have to.  Here's as much of a list as I can think up right at the moment.

  • Get financial assistance (obviously)
  • Have anyone help me do a job I've been asked to do.
  • Have anyone take over a job I've been asked to do.
  • Have people come over and criticize my cleaning skills (even if they're really poor).
  • Be criticized at all.
  • Go out and find a job outside the home (this is just a personal choice, okay?)
  • Be treated disrespectfully by anyone younger than I am, even if they're not my kids.
  • Receive a food donation from anyone I already know.

I guess that's about it.  If I know Jaklumen, he may have a number of additions to make.  That being the case, Jak, dear, please feel free.

Anyway, I know I'm proud, though I don't want to be.  I suppose our current situation is the Lord's gentle way of helping me to see it.  I wish such a thing were unnecessary, but, well, sometimes, I guess, stiff necked people like me need humbling.  At least I didn't have to go through everything that Pharaoh went through with Moses.