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"What is your favorite animal?  Tell why."

Elfquest Archives Vol. 1

Wendy Pini

Well, I've always been fascinated with wolves, ever since I read my first copy of "ElfQuest", which is an interesting story about a bunch of elves that live with a pack of wolves.  I'd like to tell you what I find interesting about this book series, but the question asked about my favorite animal, so I guess you'll just have to go off, get it, and read it for yourself.

Anyway, about wolves.  I'm no biologist, so I only know what I've seen and hear on TV and, sadly enough, in fictional stories.  What I like about wolves is that they move as a family, albeit a large and rather rough one.  They are rarely ever challenged by other packs of wolves.  Furthermore, wolves mate for life.  Wolves are beautiful, strong, fiercely interdependent and loyal, cunning, swift.  It's a long list.

Then again, I also like panthers.  I'm talking about the big black leopards, here.   In the Jungle Book, there was a panther named Bagheera.  Leopards are awesome too.  They are strong, independent, beautiful and terrible.

As to why, well, I think I like them for the same reason I like thunderstorms.  Because, of all things in the world, they resemble most what I want for myself.  I want my marriage to last forever.  I want my family to stick together, thick or thin.  I also want to feel beautiful and believe that I have some amount of control over my own life, both of which are feelings I often lack.