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You'll never believe what happened today.  I've been through it and I barely believe it.  My husband, tired after a difficult day of attempted sleep, asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner.  After nine and a half years of marriage, you'd think I'd be able to answer that with alacrity.  I was attempting to come up with an answer, when the phone rang.  Apparently, one of the church members, a farmer, had brought in a large dumptruck filled with freshly picked, ripe corn and our family were invited to come and get some.  When I told my husband he said, "Well that solves the problem of dinner" and asked me if I'd go and bring back the Black Sheep's portion of "Three Bags Full".  If I weren't so tired, believe me, I probably would have laughed at that.  So I took my son, because he is dealing with teething and separation both at the same time and I'm a soft touch, and we drove down to the LDS church building on Olympia St where, right in the middle of the parking lot was this huge pile of freshly picked corn at least chest high and about three of me across.  I rolled my son's window down so that he could chat with everyone and then dug out the reusable canvas grocery bags from the trunk and filled all five of them brimful of fresh, unshucked corn on the cob and put it all back into the trunk again.

Then, when we got home, I brought all five bags to the back porch and asked my husband how much of it should stay on the cob and how much could be shucked, have the kernels cut off with a knife and then be put, unblanched, into plastic bags for the freezer (I'm assured that it tastes good this way).  He suggested we save two bags worth to eat off the cob.  So I put two of the five bags full, straight into our food storage closet, dug out one of our umbrella chairs and a laundry basket lined with a clean beach towel, and began shucking the rest.  After a while, my daughter, at the suggestion of her father, came outside to help.  At first, I was sure I could do it all by myself, but now that I sit here writing about it, I am sure glad that she was there to help, because I don't know if I would have been physically able to shuck all that corn all by myself.  I don't know how long it took, but the laundry basket was completely filled.  Then we got a couple of paper grocery bags and put the corn husks and corn silk into them and I shuttled them out to the dumpster.  I'd considered cutting all the kernels off immediately after shucking but, by the time I got back from dumping the husks, I was starting to get warning signals from the office manager in my brain telling me that the staff were getting ready to strike again unless I put a stop to things for the night.  So I pulled the ends of the beach towel over the newly shucked corn and put it, laundry basket and all, into the storage shed.  Believe me, I'd have put it all in the fridge, but I'm sure it wouldn't have fit and I was too tired to consider removing it from the laundry basket anyway.

Anyway, that was certainly an adventure and more exercise than my body has had in a while, so I imagine I will be frightfully sore tomorrow morning.  Considering the subject matter, though, I thought it deserved to be shared.