I'm sorry I haven't posted a question for a while.  What with school starting and my son teething and my husband's back problems and everything, my life has been a little crazy.  I'm back, though, and here is what the almighty Journal Jar has asked us today.

"What do you know about the day you were born?  Tell any family stories that were told to you."

I was born on the first official day of spring, right on the Piscean  side of the cusp between Pisces and Ares.  I don't really remember much about what my parents told me except that they had been trying very hard to get pregnant and were expecting to have a boy, because my father's dad (Pop) had had only boys and his father before him had had only boys so…  Anyhoo, the day before, my mom fixed some dish or other that I don't remember (My dad likes to joke about it.  He says that whenever my mom was pregnant and starting to be tired of it, he would recommend to her the self-same dish that she'd served the day before I decided to be born.)

So, when they realized my mom was pregnant with me, her doctor told her to expect me on the seventh of March, which is the day before my mother's birthday.  My dad joked that he thought I would wait and be born on St. Patrick's Day, instead.  Well I missed both days, the first, as you'll see, by a considerable distance and the second by about three days.  Anyway, Mom's water broke early on the morning of the twentieth so my father took her to the hospital and asked them if he should call his work (he was a high school science teacher at the time) and tell them to get a substitute or if he should just go to work.  The person he spoke to said that, since it was my mother's first birth, that it was likely to be a while so Daddy could just go ahead and go to work and that they would call if anything changed.  So my dad went home, took a shower and went to work.  When he got there, though, the principal met him at the door to the school and told him my mom was giving birth and did he want to know if it was a boy or a girl.  My dad got all flustered, but he said no, he'd be fine, and to be sure that his students took "the test under the desk".  As I was told it, the principal was never sure if my father meant that the test in question would be found beneath my father's desk or if the students should take said test under their desks.  Then he got into his car and rushed home to get his camera.  By the time he got there, I'd already been born and my father took my first picture, which turned out to be horribly blurry.  My father always claimed it was bad film, but mom says he was shaking like a leaf.  Anyway, since I was a girl, the name they'd picked out for me had no chance at all of fitting so, after a number of discarded options, including Patsy, Barbara and Petrea, my dad went down to the gift shoppe and bought a baby name book and they picked out a name from that.  Anyway, I was born right around 7:30 AM and, when I asked my mother if there was anything special about the weather that day, her response, typically enough, was, "There was a lot of wind on that day."