"Describe your dream garden."

In my dream garden, there would be a small man-made pond with a little fountain in the middle and a small burbling stream.  All around the edges of the pond would be various water-loving plants and flowering plants that would attract bees and other insects.  Beside the pond there would be a pair of stone benches with a medium-sized tree between them.  Meandering through the garden and around the pond would be a gravel walkway.  On the other side of the path from the pond and stream arrangement would be various patches of mixed flowers, garden vegetables and herbs.  The edge of the garden would be surrounded with rose bushes, including a wickerwork archway, which would be covered with climbing roses and honeysuckle, to attract hummingbirds.  The rest of the flowers would be of all different kinds, each flowering at a different time of the year, so that there would always be color in my garden throughout the year.  Finally, because I'm no great shakes at the watering thing, there would be a sprinkler system set up so that each plant would get the proper amount of water throughout the day.