"Everyone is born with some talent. What are some of your talents?"

I've always believed that I had a thing for making friends.  Though, for myself, I tend to qualify the people I call my friends, I've always had a gift for knowing people and understanding how they feel.  You know.  Sort of looking into their hearts and seeing what they need?  I guess that flows right into another of my talents.  Something I don't really think I was born with.  I use to be horribly tactless.  Then I learned that almost everyone likes to be complimented.  So, whenever I meet someone new, I try to look at them and see what makes them special.  The key to making compliments is to make them sincere.  Flattery'll get you nowhere.  I can't count the number of times I've said the words, "You look great in that," to some woman and been told that I just made her day.  A fun one to drop is to walk up to the male half of a couple and say, "You sure have a pretty wife."  More often than not, when I say that, the woman smiles and the man grins and says something to the effect of, "Yeah."  Basically, you are complimenting her looks and his taste all in the same sentence.

Another talent, I've always thought I had from birth is the gift of music.  My mother often told me that, when I was just a tiny baby, she would bring me with her to choir practice.  Then, so long as everyone was on key, I would sleep.  But, if someone was off-key, I'd wake up and begin to cry.  Also, I love to sing.  I'm not classically trained, like my husband is, but I'vew always believed and often been told that I had a beautiful voice and even my husband says that, with proper training, I could really shine.

Lastly, I've been blessed with a gift for understanding children.  Sometimes, I've wondered about that, but it does seem to be true, especially if I exert myself.  I confess I'm nervous about the moment when my own kids get to be teenagers.  I also must admit that I don't feel like this talent comes from me.  I think understanding children is a gift from God.  In fact, if you look at it the right way, I suppose you could say all talent is a gift from God.  Couldn't you?