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"If you could change any part of yourself, what would it be?"

If I could change any part of myself, I would be in good physical condition.  At the moment, I am something close to a hundred pounds overweight.  I was doing Weightwatchers but, with the gasoline crisis and what all, I can't really afford it any more.  I still try to get exercise now and then, but more often than not I find myself vegging in front of the computer rather than out and exercising.  I've often wished I had a magic wand and could just wave it and *poof* I'd be fit (not skinny, FIT).  I'd be able to run with my kids, bowl, do cartwheels.  You name it.  Also, it's easy to just fall back into the old rut you've walked most of your life when hard times come along.  I know most of you will tell me I should just eat less and move more if I want to lose weight and I agree with that, but, back when I was younger, I turned consistently to food as a palliative for my emotional pain.  Food is a thing that I can choose.  It is consistently good.  It never appears to hurt you until you look in the mirror and realize, "Oh, dear.  Is that fat person really me?"

Then again, it would also be nice to change the shape my back is in.  I am naturally swaybacked, which isn't a good thing.  You know how your back is suppose to look like a letter "S"?  Well, my back looks like a letter "J."  My bottom, at the size it's at, looks like a shelf,  When I was a teenager, my mother was always after me to rotate my hips, and, quite often I'd end up telling her, "They're rotated!"  I can't lay on my back for any length of time and, if I want to sit upright in a chair, rather than having to lean back against the seat, I have to sit on the edge.  Chiropractic care costs much dough and our insurance simply will not cover it.

So there's your answer: I'd either be physically fit or my back would be fixed.