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"Do you have a favorite author?  Who?  Why?"

Of all the authors in the world today, my absolute favorite is Lois McMaster Bujold.  She writes the Miles Vorkosigan series.  I like her work because the characters seem so real that they practially jump right off the page.  They're like real people and not fiction at all.  It's like the books could be history rather than fiction.  It's amazing to me.  I've read lots of books but none of them have seemed quite so real as the ones I've read by Lois Bujold.  I especially like the ones about Miles.  He seemed real right from the start.  He started out with hardships and, like most real people, his hardships gave him character, especially when I saw that he was finding a way to make his hardships into strengths rather than just letting them get into his way, like I tend to do sometimes.  With every book I read, I came to admire Miles and his courage and his fortitude.  I began to yearn towards the next book.  I admit, I don't know if there's been another one, yet, but, being the mom, I've been sort of busy with other, more important things.  Anyway, It all starts out in a book titled Shards of Honor which is the book where the woman that becomes Miles' mother meets the man that becomes Miles' father.  Miles' mother is an incredible woman named Cordelia Naismith. She's spunky and she's smart and she's so real that you forget she's fictional.  That's why I like Lois Bujold's work.  All of it is like that.