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I know it's a little early to be thinking of Halloween, but this is what came out of my jar today.

"Did you trick-or-treat on Halloween as a child?  Describe your childhood experiences."

When I was a kid, we did trick-or-treat a few times until someone found a razor in a candied apple and so people started having Halloween parties instead of trick-or-treats.  What I remember best was making our own costumes.  Rather than buy a costume at the grocery store, we would tell our mom what we wanted to be, and she would help us come up with a reasonable approximation of that.  One time, I was a gypsy and my brother was a pirate.  It was fun to come up with our own ideas rather than buy into the crappy-looking store-bought ones which, more often than not, consisted of a printed tabard and a mask.  Mom didn't hold with masks.  She said they limited your vision at night (and she was right).  Then we'd take a flashlight and go out to all the houses in our neighborhood.  We never tricked, but our pillowcases usually came home about a quarter of the way full of treats, all of which had to be checked before we could eat any.  We weren't allowed to eat any homemade candies or anything like that, for fear that some weirdo who wanted to hurt children, had poisoned them.  I never understood why anyone would want to do something like that.  Then we were allowed to eat as much candy as we could handle without getting sick and the rest would be put up and nursed gradually along until Christmas, when we were likely to get other treats, which will probably come up in another post.