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"Between the ages of 5 and 10, what was your favorite activity?"

Between 5 and 10, I think what I liked best was playing outdoors.  We had a half acre yard rimmed with evergreens and lilacs and full of fun things to look at and lots of grass to roll around in.  In fact, I think my mother sent us outdoors more often than not just to get us kids out of her hair.  We use to build forts in the lilacs, and climb the evergreens, which my father often told us not to do.  We would play hide-and-seek and tag and games like that which required lots of running around.  We even had some balls and things that we couldn't play with in the house but were lots of fun outside.  Then, of course, there was the sprinkler that could be run through in the summer, flowers to pick in the spring, the gardening to "help" with in fall and, of course, plenty of leaves to rake up and jump into and then rake up and jump into again.  Then, in winter, we almost always had plenty of snow for making snow forts and building snow men.  My mother was always careful to have hot cocoa ready for when we came in with cold fingers and she was almost always adamant about us leaving our wet boots in the kitchen, rather than trailing often muddy water into the house.  Lastly, there was a huge catalpa tree in the front yard whose leaves were often big enough for fans in the summer and, in spring, its flowers looked a lot like popcorn.  In the back yard, we had a slightly smaller sycamore tree that we weren't suppose to climb in because my father was afraid we would fall out and get hurt.  For a while, though, there was a swing attached to a long low branch of that tree.  I suppose I needn't say that the fact my father liked to rest his ladder against that tree made his insistence that we not climb it rather moot.  I would never climb much past the place in the middle where the tree began to split into branches, which we called the "crotch" of the tree.  I use to like to just sit there and read or think.  It was a nice quiet place to be.