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Jak jr.

Jak jr.

This is audio from my son.  We're calling him Jaklumen Jr (Jak Jr. for short) for internet purposes.  He said the word "car" today and I wanted to show it off.  I'd have a picture included, but unfortunately the batteries in our camera chose this moment to give out.  So he says "car" and "mm" and "yum" and "my" and "bye" in this and, I admit, it's a little hard to hear him because he kept trying to grab for the microphone (oh so interesting to a one year old).  Anyway, I hope you're able to pick him up a bit.  If not, I'll probably try again some other time.  In the meantime, I promise you I will upload another story just as soon as I can figure out how to record one that won't take forever to upload.

Edit:  I still haven't figured out how to upload a sound file to this blog, so please don't click on the broken link, okay?