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My daughter and I are sitting here talking about some of my son's new habits, sort of gossiping about him while he's napping.  A number of them are so funny, that I thought they should be blogged about.  There's a good chance they'll also make their way into my personal journal.

1.  If you give him something good and he's eating it, eventually he'll start saying "num-ee-num-ee-num-ee" over and over and building up volume and ferocity until we all laugh.  So I can't hear anyone say "Num Num" or even "Yummy" anymore without being reminded of that and laughing.

2.  He's gotten to be a pretty good walker and, of course, very curious.  He's at that stage where he'll yank everything off a table or a shelf until he finds one that he thinks is interesting.  Once he finds something, he'll roam the house with it.  However, if it's something one of the older inhabitants of the house doesn't care to share (or lose), you'll often hear someone shriek, "Hey!  Come back here with that!"  followed almost immediately by gales of laughter from my son as said person chases after him to get it.  In fact, he likes being chased so much that, occasionally, I'll take a moment or two and chase him around the house growling, "I'm gonna getcha and when I getcha I'm gonna TICKLE YOU!"  Those last two words are usually punctuated by the aforementioned gales of baby laughter.

3.  He's taken to climbing so, if he's out and roaming and there are chairs out, which there usually are, and no one is watching him, which I'm embarassed to admit also happens from time to time, then sometimes you'll find him on the top of something that he's not suppose to be on top of.  Once someone left our stepladder out and I was on the computer when I hear this baby noise of pure pride and pleasure.  I turn to look and there's my fifteen and a half month old son standing on the second step up grinning at me for all he's worth, like he's accomplished something important.  I just about swallowed my teeth before I lifted him down, which he wasn't happy with me about at all.

4.  My son is a complete water baby.  Occasionally, I'll put him in his swimsuit and swim diaper and take him out to the local pool.  The minute we step through the gate he starts kicking in excitement and you can see all eight of his little teeth.  Usually, I'll put him into a kind of innertube-like device called a "baby boat" but he leans so far in that, I've started considering buying him one of those swimming vests instead.  You know, the kind with all that foam in it?  What's particularly interesting is, if I choose to hold him, he wiggles so much that I almost drop him sometimes.  That's the other reason I'm contemplating getting him a swim vest.  My husband and I both think he wants to swim on his own and I'd be a lot happier about the prospect of that if I could just convince the boy to quit trying to drink the water he's swimming in.