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"What are your food preferences and how did they come about?"

Well, I'd guess if I had a favorite food, it's probably one of three things: pizza, chocolate cake, or tapioca pudding, but I don't think I could pin down exactly why.  However, I could explain one of my all-time food dislikes: Fish.

You see, my father took two of my younger brothers and myself out fishing once.  We stopped at a river and Daddy showed us how to cast our line.  Unfortunately, we had to share Daddy's fishing pole, so each of us had to take a turn.  I don't remember how old I was; perhaps eight or nine.  Anyway, since I was eldest, I got first cast and the good news is that I did catch something.  Unfortunately, the bad news is, it was a bush and Daddy had to untangle the fishing line from it before we could continue.  Now, I don't need to tell you how indignant I was about the bush and I wanted to take another try and maybe, this time, catch a fish.  But Daddy said no.  It was time for my brothers to have a try.  The older of my two brothers went first and I'm flipped if he didn't catch a really beautiful salmon.  I don't remember if the other one caught anything, but I was very sulky all the way home and, by the time we got there, I had decided that I didn't like fish and I wouldn't eat any of it.  I'm embarrassed to admit that, had I caught it, I would probably have decided that I adored fish.  Anyway, ever since then, although my mother went to great lengths to teach me to be grateful and eat what was put in front of me, I've never been that fond of fish, particularly salmon.