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"What were your fears, expectations, anticipations about getting married?"

Before I ever met my husband, I think my biggest fear was that I would somehow displease him and then he would leave me.  I was afraid that I wouldn't measure up to his expectations more than anything so, very often, I use to pick fights over stupid stuff that he seemed upset over and almost push him to leave.  My relief is that he's been with me steadily for nine and a half years and still loves me in a similar fashion to when we were dating. 

As far as expectations, I believe that I thought my marriage would be much like my parents'.  Dad going off to work and Mom staying home to take care of the kids and the housework.  Dad defending my mother if any of us kids managed to make her cry.  Mom and Dad acting so much like a unit it was almost scary.  Dad as the disciplinarian. Above all, though, My parents never fought in front of us, which is not to say they never disagreed, but they never made a public issue of it.  Now, I'll admit here that some of my marital expectations never came to fruition.  My husband and I have often fought loudly in public, as an example, and my husband and I tend to take turns or work as a team on the issue of discipline.  However, I did get a number of my expectations met.  I get to stay home and take care of the kids and the housework.  My husband leaps to my defense if the kids manage to hurt my feelings and he and I think so much alike sometimes it's eerie.  In fact, we're at a point where, sometimes, we finish each other's sentences.  Weird, or at least, so I would have thought before I got married.

Anticipations?  Well, one of the things my mother told me when I was a girl was that, when I got married, I should try to marry my best friend.  So, I did.  When my husband and I were engaged, I was actually anticipating marriage to my very best friend and hoping that he would be the kind of friend who would never leave me alone.  I've had numberless friends who've moved away for one reason or another and my husband is one friend I can count on to always be there.  To tell the truth, I was also anticipating having sex.  Premarital sex is seriously frowned on in my religion.  Lastly, I was anticipating kneeling across the altar with my husband-to-be and being married in one of the Lord's beautiful temples.  In my opinion, you haven't lived until you've been inside one, so if you get the chance, I recommend you take it.