I just finished reading my scriptures.  I try to read at least one chapter a day.  I read like this all the way through the Old Testament and am currently working my way through the New Testament. I've read all of what most people like to call "The Gospels" and am currently in Acts.  I don't know why I never read Acts before.  There's a lot of thought provoking stuff there. Anyway, after I'm done reading, I usually like to consider the passage of scripture I read and figure out how it relates to me in my own life.  It's something I learned from reading the Book of Mormon (BoM).

So Acts 13 is mostly history.  In it, Paul (Saul) and Barnabas are called on a mission.  They go off and begin teaching the Gentiles (non-Jews) the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Then they attend synagogue one day and are asked to speak,but when they start talking about Jesus and how the Jews had him murdered, the Jews get upset and throw them out.

Now, how does that relate to me?  Sometimes, I wonder if I tend to reject the truth about myself if it's presented to me in a way I consider offensive.  It's a normal human tendency to do that: reject the truth if it's not given to you in a way you like.  Laman and Lemuel (BoM) were like that, too. They would get very upset with their brother, Nephi, and even tried to kill him a few times for no better reason than that he told them the truth about themselves and they didn't like it.  I don't want to be like that.  Even if it makes me mad when people tell me the truth about myself, however tactlessly, I want to acknowledge it and, if I don't like it, try to change that aspect of myself so that it's no longer true.  That's what the Lord wants us to do.  Had he had any faults, that's what he would have done.  So, I guess that's what the Lord wants me to practice today.  More tomorrow.