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Okay, following a great deal of work and lots of procrastination, my desk is FINALLY clean.  Not knowing how to post a picture, yet, you'll just have to take my word and that of my husband that it looks exponentially better than it did.  Just to give you all an idea of what it looked like before, the words "garbage dump" come immediately to mind.  There were papers from every stage in my daughter's first year of school (which ended today, by the way).  There were magazines, both read and unread, an old CD carousel that was blocked from turning, various and sundry Lego sets in varying stages of completion, medicines, puzzle books, manuals, binders, photographs, old bills in need of shredding.  I could continue, but it would take a REALLY long time to remember what all was there.  Now, though, all the Lego sets are disassembled and stored away in a large empty printer-paper box and sealed with duct tape.  My husband gave me his old shelves and I am using those for books and sundry things.  Building things are stashed conveniently under the desk.  I have my own printer and also a scanner, as soon as we can get it set up.  My pen jar is now within easy reach and actually full of pens (and a few precision screw drivers).  It looks so neat I just can't help but look at it and feel good.  It feels nice to be typing at a desk for a change, rather than at a table, or on a sofa or bed.  Of course, the drawers still need to be cleaned out and reorganized, but, for now, it really looks good.  I guess Mom was right when she said that the difficult jobs we're not looking forward to are best done right away so that they don't hang over our heads.  Now, the biggest question is this:  How long can I keep things like this? 😉