Hi, friends and neighbors.  Here's a fun game that I learned when I was a young adult.  The rules are that you have to figure out what Polly Lolly likes.  If you already know the game, please don't tell the trick, okay?  How it's played is, everyone responds with one thing that they think Polly likes and one thing she doesn't like.  Those of us who get it, will answer whether she does or doesn't like that thing and we may or may not add a thing or two.  You may ask questions about things she likes.

I'll start.

I have a friend named Polly Lolly.  She's a very strange girl.  She likes pools, but not water.  She likes swimming, but not splashing.

Okay, friends and neighbors.  Go get 'em!  What do YOU think Polly Lolly likes?