Jacked from I-Luv-Eeyore and borrowed from jaklumen

What highway do you drive on the most?  Probably 240
Would you consider yourself a flirt?  No, I've never considered myself a flirt, although my husband might tend to disagree with me on that one. 
What color is your boss's hair? Hmm.  Toughie.  Lemme check my mirror.  (pause) Yup, it's still dark brown.
What are your siblings middle names? 
Austin, Michael, Christian, and Lynn.
What's a song that puts you in the mood to dance or party? I have to pick one?
Where are you going on your next vacation?  Hmm.  When I have the money, I'd really like to visit Hawaii.  But, considering my financial situation, there's a good chance that Hawaii isn't in the cards for me any time soon.  Don't you agree?
Do you get paid weekly or bi-weekly?
 I'll only say this once.  Mom's Don't Get Paid. 

What color are your pillows?  They're pillow colored.  What kind of weird question is that? 
avorite aunts name? Her name is Mary and that's all I'm telling you..

What hours do you work? Mom hours generally don't ever stop.  You know.  No breaks, No paid vacationsYou understand that, right?
Are you superstitious? Unlikely.

Whose motorcycle were you last on?  That was a long time ago so I can't say that I really remember. 

You have to buy the perfect shirt to wear tonight, where do you go?
   Um.  Just exactly how mch money do you think I have here?  If money were no object and I HAD to buy the perfect shirt, I might visit JCPenney.  But seriously, when is that likely to EVER happen? 

How many calendars are in your house? Three.  Definitely.

Have you ever been confused over two relationships at once?  What?

Who is the last person that made you laugh in person? Jaklumen.

Name one of your ex's mother's names? Cathy, I think.

Do you miss high school? Not really.  No.

What color is your bra? What?  How could you ask me such a personal question?  I mean, really.  Next you'll be asking what style of underwear I wear.  Man!

How many pairs of sneakers do you own? One.

What kind of lotion is closest to you? Probably that Suave scent free with oatmeal.

What's on tv this second? Nothing.

What helps you sleep? Being tired, usually.

How much would you get if you traded your car in?  Wait! Wait!  I have one for you.  When are you going to stop asking me all these "It's not really my business but…" questions?  Hmm?

What color shirt did your mom wear today? To be honest, I wasn't paying attention.  You must be a teenager or a young adult.
Last time you saw your dad?  This morning.
Last time you babysat?  I was twenty.  More than that, I can't offer you.

Next dentist/gyno/doctor appt?  Again with the personal questions.  Really!

How often do you do laundry? Probably not often enough.

What commercials are your favorite?  Hmm.  I pick "None of the Above," teach.

Have you ever been prescribed narcotics?  Uh.  Not that I'm aware of.

Have you ever copied someone's tests?
What's hummus made of? Beyond chickpeas, I don't really know.  This question gets filed in the "Questions that are too weird for a meme" file.

When's the last time you used a slip and slide? Never.  My parents were right on the edge of too poor.
What's annoying you right now? The number of seriously personal or weird questions in this meme.  I mean, really!
Do you have a crush on someone from the workplace?  Yes.  His name is Jaklumen and he's my husband.  Isn't that nice?

Are you an introvert or extrovert?   Extrovert, generally speaking.

When's your grandma's birthdate?
  Which one?

Do you take birth control?  No.  I wear an IUD.  Look it up.
How many rings do you wear daily?
  One.  I'm not much into bling, plus my CTR ring is a tad too small or it'd be two..

Any tattoos?

Name 3 people you worked with today? my husband, my daughter and my son.
Favorite summer cocktail? Lemonade.  You know, that virgin drink that's all lemon juice, sugar and water?
Plans for today/tonight? I'll probably be nursing my son, trying to figure out what to have for dinner and watching the tube (that's TV for those of you who don't know)
Plans for the weekend? Cleaning house with the slightest possibility of swimming, if I'm up to it.