I'm sorry if this sounds preachy, but I was thinking about it earlier and I wanted to put my thoughts into written form and get other people's opinions on them.

So…here we go.

There are a number of ways to be fat.  You can be physically, mentally and/or emotionally fat.  It's weird to think about it that way because so many people think the only way to be fat is… to be fat… or not.

Let me elucidate.

Being Fat (Physical): This is where your body is.  If you are carrying more weight for your height than you should be, medically speaking, anywhere from chubby to morbidly obese, then you qualify as Physically Fat.  This is the part, believe it or not, that is the easiest to change.  If you don't change it, you let yourself in for increased risk for things like Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, and a whole gamut of other disorders.  However, doctors, nutritionists and fitness specialists all agree that eating right and getting plenty of exercise can fix this part of the Weight Issue.

Thinking Fat (Mental): This is where your mind is.  This is generally where most people are really fat; in their minds.  Thinking Fat means rationalizing the food that leads to Being Fat.  Thinking Fat rules what, where and how often you eat and also how often and whether or not you exercise.  It means telling yourself that it's okay to sit and eat a whole bag of Sun Chips while watching aerobics on TV and, somehow, you won't get fat.  Thinking thin, on the other hand, doesn't mean imagining yourself as thin, as is believed, but using your imagination to think about where you would like to be and what you would like to do when you are fit (I like to use that word instead of the word "skinny" because all of us who are fat really want to look good, which means putting on muscle where the fat use to be).  Thinking thin is the way most of us who are Being Fat will get out and exercise.  Thinking Fat, however, is just one thing which will tend to keep us fat and (dare I say it?) unhappy.

Feeling Fat (Emotional): This is where your heart is.  Feeling Fat is where you don't have to look in the mirror to know that you are fat and it's why this is the most dangerous part of fatness.  Feeling Fat without Being Fat leads commonly to Anorexia and Bulemia, which, I should add, are generally some poor girl's way of trying to get control of her surroundings by controlling the one thing she thinks she can control; her body.  This is one reason why they always say you should always see a doctor before starting any kind of weight-loss regimen, because if you are Feeling Fat, your doctor can tell you if you are actually Being Fat.  However, if your doc says you aren't Physically Fat, DO NOT TRY TO LOSE WEIGHT.  YOU WILL KILL YOURSELF.  That's not something we want.  That said, Feeling Fat is the main reason that so many of us who are Physically Fat are still fat.  Many of us eat for the sake of soothing our emotional selves.  If that's you, generally speaking, you have to find a way to heal your emotional self before you will stop Feeling Fat.  Generally speaking, therapy is recommended, but there are a number of good books, one of which was written by celebrated psychologist, Dr. Phillip C. McGraw (aka. Dr. Phil).  In any case, don't let your emotions fool you into going too far in one direction or the other.

Okay, so why did I go through all of that with you?

I know that I'm currently Physically Fat and I know from the kinds of thoughts that run through my brain, that I am often Mentally Fat.  However, I've never Felt Fat, if you know what I'm saying (refer above) , unless I looked into a mirror.  I've often wondered if that was somehow stopping me from losing weight.  I asked my husband about this and he said that he didn't think so.  He said that he knew that I wasn't like most fat women he'd seen because, even though I'm fat, I don't carry myself the same way they do.  This may be much of the reason I'm finding weight-loss to be either really easy or really hard depending on the day.

How about you?  Where would you say is your biggest "fattest" problem?