This week has certainly been strange.  I've had a regular rash of miracles both right and left.  When the business with my in-laws happened, referenced here, it more or less turned my life upside down.  Lots of old scars and hurts I had thought long since healed have been reopened and now stand red, raw and bleeding.  I find myself talking about it with lots of people.  I talk and talk and talk about it.  I know I'm doing the old female thing: Talk to your friends until you feel better.   The trouble is, I don't feel better and I want to.  I wish I had the stones to walk up to my mother-in-law, insist that it was her turn to listen and then safely and effectively tell her everything I felt and still feel.  However, understanding my mother-in-law as I do, I know that it wouldn't help matters.  Don't get me wrong.  I love my mother-in-law.  She's a very hard-working woman who is very good at solving problems.  Some days I think that the reason we don't get along is that we are so much alike in certain areas, such as lack of tact or lack of diplomacy.

Since then, though, good things have been landing at my feet almost every day.  It's like Heavenly Father is reminding me every day that he loves me and that he is there protecting me.  Without rehashing all the good things I have found myself blessed with, let me tell you, without stealing Martha Stewart's thunder, about the latest good things to happen to me.  BTW, these are grouped under the Sub Category "the Weight Issue" because they are mostly to do with that.

First, we had a nice visit with our substitute family counselor, who turned out to be much nicer than I thought she would be.  Second, I was finally able to go the gym and work out and I had a blast!  I worked on the elliptical trainer for four minutes.  Then I worked with the crunch machine for like twenty reps on thirty pounds.  Then on to the recumbant bike for eleven minutes and, finally, the treadmill at a setting of 2.5 for fifteen minutes.  When I finally left, I almost felt high.  I stopped off at Applebees for dinner, and they were extra nice to me and put my meal on the express list because I said I had a meeting (I'll never say anything bad about a mushroom again).  Then, for the topper, I weighed in today and discovered that I have dropped another pound for a total loss of 14.8 pounds.