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As you know by now, I have a total of 151 pounds to lose.  Well, UPDATE: I've dropped 14 of that so it's now down to 137 left to lose (last weigh-in 297).  I have made a number of reward deals with a number of people for things I will do when I reach certain goals.  Here's the list, which I will update and add to as it grows.

  • at 280 I will buy something from the pro-shop at the health club where I work out.
  • at 250 I will go to JCPenney and buy a new set of nice clothes.
  • at 200 my husband and I will go out for a date.  What that will be is going to be decided when I get that far.
  • at 180 I will take my daughter somewhere fun. 
  • at 160-155 I will go in for a complete spa treatment, get my hair and nails done and buy a new outfit  Also, I will have a picture taken of myself and, along with one from before I lost the weight, post them online for all the world to see.

I also plan to set up a savings account at our local bank where I put in $5 for every pound I drop.  That means that, when I set it up, it will start out with $70.  When I'm finished, there should be at least $755 in there.  This money is only to be used for the purchase of my various weight-loss rewards as needed.

Even considering the setbacks I've had this week and being sick and everything, I'm still excited about losing weight.  Thanks for all the great comments and please keep them coming.