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Yesterday and today, I finally began to make use of the Christmas gift my in-laws gave me: a 7-day trial membership at Curves.  For those who don't know, Curves is a wonderful establishment where women can go for circuit training.  All the machines are hydrolic powered, so they are easy to work at first and challenge you more the harder you work.  The great thing about it, though, is the social aspect of the situation.  There are often lots of other people there and they are very nice.  The only downside is that the majority of women there are older women.  I make no bones about being one of several clinically obese women that work out there.  I only work-out for about half an hour, two and a half circuits, and then stretch for around a minute and a half, but the time just flies past.  I took my children with me today because I wanted to work out and my husband was asleep.  They actually stated getting bored right around the time I was finishing my workout, of course that means I had to suffer through a couple of minutes of crying and fussing from my son while I stretched out and cooled down.  Definitely not something I'm hoping to do more often than once a week.  However, even considering these admittedly minor problems, I've had a grand time.

The next part, of course, is lining up a nutritional plan.  All the ladies say that Weight Watchers pairs nicely with Curves.  I've been interest in that particularly because it involves weekly meetings, embarrassing though that may tend to be at first.  The reason I'm looking at Weight Watchers is that I know, now that I weigh over three hundred pounds, that I need help with losing weight.  I can't do it alone, as I have in the past, and Weight Watchers promises that its clients will be able to eat regular food bought at regular grocery stores.  Since I'm still nursing, there's a good chance that I could be set up with a decent nutritional plan without having to wait until my son decides to wean.  Right now, considering the way things are at our house, I'm considering meetings on Tuesday afternoon or evening.  I still have to talk with my husband about it and see what he thinks, but his opinion will more than likely only have very little effect on my decision.  If I'm serious about "the Weight Issue", I have to be serious about learning to change the way I eat and when I eat and why I eat.

Finally, I've taken what happened to me when I was ten and I'm trying to use it as a catalyst for change instead of as a stumbling block against it.  Working out, my only bid for fitness at the moment, is one of my most effective methods of redirecting my long held rage against my abuser.  So far, after only two days, I have felt GREAT, though slightly, deliciously sore, and it's that feeling, counter to my usual depression, that I need the most right now.


I have an intake appointment for psychiatric support later this month.  Hopefully, the psychiatric support I'm hoping to get will be another brick in the Healthy House I'm trying to build with my body and mind.