Sometimes, I think that people have lost touch.  I mean, just lately, ever since the internet became so popular, that people are more interested in relating online than they are in relating in person.  It use to be, you'd hear about people who would go out just for the opportunity of relating to someone.  For example, what's an excursion to a bar (which activity I've never done) if not an opportunity to relate to someone in person.  Without that, it's just a trip somewhere with the intent of getting drunk.  You may as well call the taxi in advance.  I can't think of any other reason to go to the laundromat, aside from washing your clothing.  Now, though, almost everyone is afraid to talk to anyone in a public place.  What are they afraid of?  Speaking for myself, which I appear to be good at, I'm most afraid that people will judge me incorrectly.  Some people just can't help but do that, in person.  You might call them "social klutzes" or "social idiots".  So what are the excuses for the rest of us?  Convenience?  Fear?  Are we really so sure that every other person we talk to is either a rapist, a control freak or other type of abuser, or a jerk?  I've noticed you can still meet all three of these kinds of people online.  Of course, online, you can find ways of blocking them out, though, can't you?

I'm sorry, I guess what I'm just expressing here is my frustration at my own personal lack of friends.  I know, if I want friends, I have to go places where I'll meet like-minded individuals and talk to them.  I suppose the internet has made me a little lazy, or maybe I'm just a little lazy to begin with.  Whatever it is, I miss talking with people, other than my husband (who is fun to talk with up to a point (sorry, luv, you're just not female)), in person and face-to-face.  What's your take on the subject?