Today is my ninth anniversary with my husband who is, (if you didn't already know it) jaklumen.  He even already presented me with an anniversary present:  a cheese knife.  Now I can hear a bunch of you traditional types howling in rage, so before you head to my husband's Vox to tell him off, understand that no one in my family has ever owned a cheese knife.  Plus, sometimes, my dad would buy my mother some kitchen appliance or other meant to update our kitchen and make life easier for her.  Usually, he would install such things himself.  So, to me, a cheese knife is terribly romantic.  Okay, yeah.  Maybe I AM weird, but at least I'm happy.  How many cheese knife recipients will be able to say that this year.  Hmm?

Happy Anniversary, Jaklumen.  Thank you for nine years of as close to wedded bliss as any two people can hope to have in this world and thank you for making me feel so special these nine years.  I love you.