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List five reasons (at least) why you are awesome.
Submitted by goobers18.

  1. I'm awesome because I'm a mom.  What more awesome profession can there be in the universe than the rearing and shaping of little minds.  Assuming, of course, that you're doing the best you can at it.
  2. I'm awesome because I'm a survivor.  Things happened to me when I was ten that shouldn't happen to a kid, but I didn't go crazy.  I'm still alive and sane and making my way through life.
  3. I'm awesome because I'm determined.  I never give up on anything.  Some things that aren't possible at this time have a tendency to get shoved onto a back burner, but eventually I will pick them up and finish them.  How many procrastinators can say that?
  4. I'm awesome because of integrity.  I try to live as close to my personal values and ideals as possible.  When I discover that the way I'm living is not working or does not work with my values, I almost always change.
  5. I'm awesome because I think I'm awesome.  So many women, including myself sometimes, have a tendency to believe that they are worthless.  I know I'm awesome.

Thanks, goobers18, for this question of the day.  I really enjoyed it and needed to think about it today.