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I just got done watching a PBS show, NOVA, where they talked about that controversial trial about whether or not "Intelligent Design" should be taught in classrooms or not.   I had no idea the argument was so heated.  Anyway, after taking a look at the accompanying website here, I decided to voice my own opinion, and hope whoever reads it will take it as it is and not as any kind of slam for or against either side of the debate. 

Who says that you can't have creation and evolution in the same place?  Science can't explain everything, even the scientists say so.  Plus, there are plenty of scientists who believe in God and the words contained in Genesis.  My father, a science teacher for thirty years of my life, once said that the Law of Entropy, a scientific principle which states that everything eventually falls apart, proves the existence of a supreme being that a person might call "God"  He could also call him Allah or whatever designation he prefers.  He told me that he thinks that eventually science and religion, who have been fighting for the high ground against each other for so long, will eventually come to the point where they'll find that both sides have been looking at the same thing from different angles.  It's a lot like the story of the blind men and the elephant.  None of the blind men knew what they were touching was an elephant and, rather than pool their resources, they decided to argue over which of them was right.

As far as I know, there's no other way than the Law of Entropy to prove that God is really out there.  To my understanding, that's the whole point.  How do you have faith, if you already know.  Do you remember that old trust exercise from school?  You know, the one where you stand straight as a board with someone behind you and then you fall backwards and hope that person will catch you before you hit the floor.  Well, that's what faith is.  Unfortunately, faith isn't science.  Science means trying to explain nature by hypothesis and experimentation.  Faith means receiving an explanation and accepting it as fact without having it proven.  For example, many of us take it on faith that science can explain the world.  The vast majority of us do not go into the lab and try to test the explanations the news claims that science has uncovered.

But seriously, there's nothing, absolutely nothing, that says that God couldn't have used evolution and other "scientific" principles to create the world.  There's no way to prove it.  There's no way to disprove it.  Science doesn't speak either for or against it to any extent that I can see.  Still, it's possible, don't you think?  So why do creation and science have to be at odds?  Why can't those of us who say God created the world say, "Well, it's possible that God could have done things that way," instead of arguing over which part of the elephant we have.