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It's not so easy being a mom.  I know lots of people that make it look so easy, but it's not.  I only wish it were.  Each child demands equal attention and time.  Plus there is the housework and you often find yourself trying to handle both at the same time.  Then, of course, there is recent wisdom which says, "If you don't take care of yourself you have nothing to give to them."  However, as every good mom knows, some days I'm lucky if I get a shower.  If one of your kids is an infant and you have friends on the computer, you develop a peculiar skill for typing with one hand about as fast as Luke learned to use a lightsaber (Use the force, Cimmy.  Oh, boy.  Don't I ever wish).

If you have a husband and you care about him, even if he's something of a schmuck (I lucked out in that department), you do your best not to focus too much on your kids, so that he feels like you care as much or more about him as you care about your offspring.  You do your best to teach them to be decent people and there are some days when you wonder how well you're doing.  Above all, you try to stay on top of the housework, which continues to pile up with every passing day so that there are some days when you entertain, however briefly, the idea of chucking it all and moving somewhere that doesn't smell like diapers and spit-up and laundry and dishes; somewhere that people live without headaches (Is there such a place?  Do they get headaches in Cancun?).

Occasionally, your husband takes you out for a date, and you remember that you're a woman.  And sometimes one of your children does or says something that makes it all worthwhile.

I think that may be why so many of us moms are still on the job, putting up with the kids, and chasing after the housework.  We know, somewhere deep in our deepest selves, that sometime we'll know it was worth it and we'll be glad we stuck to it.