You see it all the time in grocery stores and malls: Skinny people…fat watching.   I walk by in the grocery store with my cart and my son or daughter or both, and people look at me.  I imagine people would be looking at me all the time anyway, mainly because of my kids, but I know they are being critical just from the looks on their faces, particularly if I stop to peruse the sweets.  You can see it.

People never say anything outloud, though.  They're afraid.  They're afraid that the fat person will be belligerent.  That he or she will yell or cry or do something just as embarrassing and then people will look at them and judge them and no one wants that.  So instead you get pitying or even disgusted looks.  Some days, when I'm shopping, I wish I could make a scene about people shooting disgusted looks at me.

"Stop looking at me like that, you MORON!!  You have no idea what it's like to be fat and have self-righteous people like YOU STARING at me with all that JUDGMENT in your eyes!!  You have NO IDEA!!  If you were in my shoes with people staring at you in disgust, YOU'D collapse IN TEARS!!  DORK!!!"

Of course, like the majority of the "thundering herd" I can't do that, because that would make all the looks worse.  Not only is she fat, she's crazy.  They need to take those poor little kids away and ship her off someplace where she can learn to be more responsible and less…fat.

Ick.  I hate it when skinny folks look at me like that.